Wednesday, Jul. 24 2024 = Fast & Reliable Hosting!

Here are some reasons we do a far superior job of hosting your domain's email and/or web site:

  • We start by using state-of-the-art hardware with multiple Intel Xeon processors inside, and built-in redundancy with mirrored RAID hard-drives and redundant power supplies.
  • Our BSD UNIX software is designed and top rated on Enterprise Class systems requiring 24hr x 7day x 365day/yr. main-frame type "reliability" and "availability". This same software is among the most secure in the industry. Our "real" UNIX on Intel based servers run for months (and even years) uninterrupted! (Serving YOUR Internet presence non-stop!)
  • Our server's clocks are synchronized hourly to official U.S. time (NIST, NTP).
  • Our connection to the Internet is Multi-homed via Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) using completely isolated paths. (One circuit is via copper/fiber in this county, and another circuit uses a private Microwave Link to an adjoining county to attempt surviving catastrophic Internet failures. Each path even leaves the data center via different conduits!)
  • We register your domain name(s) and make sure that they are renewed automatically so there will be no interruption due to lapsed registrations!
  • Because the Domain Registration Contacts are publicly accessible and regularly "SPAMmed", we use our name instead of yours to keep YOUR email address(es) and phone numbers OUT of the public databases. (Someone has got to be on the lists, and we already are, so we protect our customers from the junk-email abuse and slammer scams.) When we (re)register your domain, YOUR business name is listed as the registree, but not your email address or phone numbers.
  • We can assign an exclusive IP address to your Web Site so your domain name will ALWAYS serve YOUR web page... not someone else's!
  • We setup your web site domain to be accessed whether the domain is entered with the "www." prefix or not. We will also re-direct one to the other to improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • We use American Power Conversion's "Smart-UPS" battery backed Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems that also regulate the AC power continuously. This "clean" power helps to avoid power supply degradation.
  • If our local power utility fails, we switch to our own generators until the utility power resumes.
  • We'll host your domain, but not your modem or cable/dsl router... To ensure our Internet connections are fully available for our hosting customers' web sites and email, we do NOT provide standard modem access to home users. Because of our high level of service satisfaction, many of our hosting customers wish we did provide ISP service, but if we did, the many downloading the Gigabytes of video and mp3 files or the latest virus would only compromise the systems that we would rather totally reserve for our hosting customers. (We see this as the main reason ISP's do not make great hosting bureaus.)
  • We've been administering highly reliable UNIX servers since the mid '80s.
  • We've been Internet registered since 1991 and actively using the Internet since 1992. Many call us an Internet Pioneer.
  • We've been hosting Web sites since 1995.
  • For the ultimate in reliability, we primarily utilize UNIX operating systems for web sites, and all DNS and email hosting/filtering is performed ONLY on UNIX systems.
  • The privacy of our customers' information contained in email, written, or oral correspondence is a top priority. We strive to maintain the highest level of honesty and integrity regarding your confidentiality.
  • We do not rent or sell your information to any outside source.

We look forward to providing you an extremely high quality service with a personal attitude of solving and preventing problems to help your business be more successful via the Internet!

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