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This page is used to prompt you to enter information that will help us get you started quickly on the World Wide Web.  It also serves as a sample of how your web site can 'ask' YOUR prospects for information that will enable you to meet their needs in a timely and accurate manner.

E-mail alone from an unknowledgeable prospect will inevitably be missing information that you require to answer their question or satisfy their need.   An Interactive site allows us to speed up the whole electronic communication process for you!

Contact Information

   First Name        Last Name 
Business Name 
         City   State/Province 
      Country  ZIP/Postal Code 
        Phone              FAX 
Email Address 

  Brief Business Description 
Current or Desired Domain(s) 
                                            (, etc.)
Type of Design interested in:
         Text-only "Brochure"    Have existing Brochure(s) 
                Graphics site        Have existing Logo(s) 
             Interactive site        Have existing Form(s) 

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