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Kropf Computer Services, Inc.
Internet Registered since May 22, 1991
Authorized SCO Reseller and Registered Developer since 1989,
a member of the iXorg professional network,

We're tested and authorized on SCO UnixWare 7 and OpenServer 5.

Kropf Computer Services, Inc. hosts business' World-Wide-Web presence
using Enterprise class servers.

Regular and SSL (Secure) Web sites, corporate Email with VPN gateways,
and Audio/Video Multimedia Streaming are all maintained with Swiss accuracy
for 24x7x365 high reliability and availability! We're...

Keeping business plugged in...
... to the Whole Wide World!

Running servers powered by quad Intel
Pentium<R> II Xeon<R> processor The processor of choice

Intel, Pentium, Xeon and the Intel Inside logos are registered trademarks
or trademarks of Intel Corporation used under license.

No solicitations
Golden Key Campaign
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And if you're looking for UNIX book reviews and technical articles,
check A. P. Lawrence's excellent site!

If you've got a Windows machine that needs help, contact
where they have friendly technicians to solve your Windows problem over the internet.

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