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We started hosting our customer's domains and web sites in 1995, not for a fast buck, but because we were frustrated with both excessive down times, and the great lack of expertise from most hosting companies.

Many web hosting service bureaus run their servers with free software and/or unreliable software that often locks up. For many customers with a problem, their only hope is to call on some non-professional acting as a support technician. (If they haven't purchased the most reliable equipment and software, why think they've hired competent technicians?)

Often their solution is simply to reboot their server, meanwhile ALL accounts on it become unavailable.  Their "hit-and-miss" attempts to get it back on-line often never diagnose the real problems still lurking that create more havoc and lost business for their customers.  Can your business afford that?

Many hosting sites will schedule multi-hour down times for server upgrades. Instead, we can host your World-Wide-Web presence on Enterprise class UNIX servers with Swiss accuracy for 24x7x365 mainframe type high reliability and availability!

To do server upgrades (hardware and/or software), we completely set up a spare/replacement server. After it is tested reliable, we copy all pertinent data to it so we can switch over to it in real time. NO down time!! Your round-the-clock web site and email works non-stop in Internet Time.

We can host your regular Web site, Secure (SSL) Web site, your Email, a Corporate email gateway, Audio streaming and/or Video (Multimedia) streaming, or even host YOUR Internet server on our network (Server Collocation). All are constantly monitored, and powered complete with Battery and Diesel Generator Backup Power.

Kropf Computer Services, Inc. has been in business at the same location for over 20 years. And being Internet Registered since 1991, many call us an Internet pioneer.

Each month, we provide statistics of your web site's activity. You can see a sample of these reports by clicking here. As with most web-servers, all web accesses to our servers are logged. The monthly reports are generated from these logs. You can generally see what is being recorded by viewing the bottom of this email form. (As can be seen on the sample report, in addition to the IP address/name and "User Agent", the date and time of access, pages viewed, (and referring URL if any) are also recorded. Our server's clocks are synchronized hourly to official U.S. time.

Apache "Server Side Includes" are available as a no extra cost option on the UNIX hosted web sites. Refer to Apache's reference page for SSI's for related information. Additional information regarding implementing SSI's with Macromedia, Inc.'s Dreamweaver is available here.

We look forward to providing you an extremely high quality service with a personal attitude of solving and preventing problems to help your business be more successful via the Internet!

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