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Business Owners especially:

Who owns the 'Title' to your Internet Domain Name???

If the 'Registrant' title is not YOUR business' legal name,
your Web Site could be abruptly shut down or intercepted and beyond your ability to restore it!!!
Or it could cost a lot in bargaining or lawyer's fees to get it back.

Just imagine the cost and/or loss if a disgruntled entity intercepted all of your email!

Common reasons for loss of control:

  • Original agent ignorance.
  • Estranged family member and/or business relationship.
  • Paying a 'slamming' solicitation.
  • Domain Registration expires due to invalid contact or credit card info and undelivered notifications.
  • Advertising/consulting/designer agency registers name in their own name instead of their client.
Don't let your web site be shutdown and/or your email hijacked! has assisted many businesses and organizations in recovering and/or protecting their Internet Domain Name. We'll report on yours at no charge!

List your domain name(s), and a way to contact you,
and we'll report back to you with the official Registrant name for each domain name.
If the domain is in someone else's name, we'll try to help you gain access to correct it,
hopefully before it is too late.
Domain Name(s): 
* Contact Name: 
* Email Address: 
Phone Number(s): 
Trademark owners may have privileges for related domain names.
If your business owns trademarks, please list them below:
* = required                            

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