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The privacy of our customers' information contained in email, written, or oral correspondence is a top priority. We strive to maintain the highest level of honesty and integrity regarding your confidentiality. For this reason, we present this privacy policy:

Email travels through our servers in different ways. Some email is generated from web site based forms such as this, but by far, most email is generated on a remote computer, and is delivered to a remote computer.

Regarding the later, sending non-encrypted email is commonly referred to as sending "clear text", and is similar to sending open faced post cards through a Postal Service. Most email travels through our servers in a matter of seconds, but some messages are delayed for various reasons. Emails residing on our server(s) may be viewed by our administrator(s) in order to resolve undeliverability issues. A few examples are emails with bad addresses, email being sent to a remote server that is temporarily unavailable, or to a recipient's email account whose limit has been exceeded. provides web-based forms for our web site customers to protect email addresses from being harvested by spammers and scammers. Spammers frequently attempt to mis-use these web-based forms to send out literally hundreds of spam emails simultaneously and anonymously. Therefore, the hostmaster of these systems may view such web-based emails in order to prevent such mis-use, and to improve the functionality of this email submission system.
A record of each message sent through our servers is maintained, logging both the sender and the recipient(s), with date stamp and size. The content of emails traveling through our servers is not retained.
We do not rent or sell this information to any outside source.

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