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Letting your employee use their own email address for your corporate business is like them receiving your company's postal mail directly at their personal street address.

The correct approach is to have all company email sent to addresses. If you wish, we can invisibly forward an employee's email to their personal email account. Then if for any reason, you as the business owner wish to intercept that company email, a quick change in the forwarding address on record will immediately redirect ALL new email sent to that address, thereby losing no new email from your customers.
(A tip: Because those using just a first name will be spammed as a result of 'dictionary attacks', use some combination of first and last name in each email address such as FirstInitialLastName@... Because some businesses even have two or more with the same first and last names, some prefer to use initials and a number such as FML1@...)

We also log all email through our servers, so regardless of whether we host the email box or not, we have a record of each message sent to your addresses, logging both the recipient and the sender, with date stamp, subject, and size.

There are three options with Kropf handling email for your domain.

The first option is where we place your email into a mailbox on our servers and you configure your email reader software to "POP" your email onto your own PC. Since we store your email until you pick it up, and we must be notified whenever you wish to change your password, this requires more setup on our end and we must charge more for this than for the second or third option.

The second option takes advantage of the fact that you have many options for Internet access and even countless ways to send and receive email. Whatever option you choose, whether it be a simple I.S.P. provided email account or a very convenient web-based email account such as on Google and/or, we invisibly forward your email immediately to your preferred email account. As previously stated, each of your individual addresses can be forwarded to completely different mailboxes for your convenience.
If you wish to change a personal email account, just notify us and we simply change the forwarding destination your email is sent to. Your customers are not even aware of your change because they still send their email to the same address.
Likewise, if an employee leaves your employee for any reason, just notify us and we simply change the forwarding destination to their manager's address.
(While forwarding email for customers to accounts, we discovered that the Hotmail servers were often overloaded and rejected incoming email. Fortunately for our customer, we just resent it until it went through.  Had it been sent directly to the Hotmail account from their customer, there would have been the dreaded impression that the Hotmail account had been closed.)

A third option is when your business has its own internal mail server such as MS Exchange or a Bynari Insight Server, and there are two 'relaying' choices:
For most clients, Kropf accepts all inbound emails for their business, filters each email, and then sends the remaining emails to their own internal mail server.
For the few that prefer to accept the majority of their inbound emails directly to their internal mail server, Kropf's servers can act as only a backup.
Either way, if your internal mail server is unavailable or not responsive for any period of time, Kropf's mail server(s) will hold the emails until your mail server is accepting them again. (If you have an internal mail server that is not immediately available, and no secondary/backup mail server, the sender's email(s) will likely be bounced back to the sender immediately.) When your internal mail server is unable to accept inbound email, the Kropf server holding that particular email will attempt to re-deliver it at least every 20 minutes.
With either variation of this third option, Kropf's filtering option is required because when there are any secondary mail servers, spammers often try to get their junk delivered by sending it only to a secondary mail server. Then the secondary/backup server must try to deliver it to the primary server. Much of this 'back-door' email would likely be blocked by your internal mail server, and if blocked, the Kropf server must try to return the email to the original sender. This is usually not possible as spammers often use forged sender's addresses and/or send it from compromised machines that will not accept returned email. Therefore, when Kropf server(s) are relaying emails to your internal mail server, the filtering option is required.

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