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Virus laden and/or spam emails costs us terribly in lost time and productivity, and even more subtle ways such as when deleting a legitimate client email while thinking it was spam.

It has been documented that SPAM now consumes more Internet bandwidth than all legitimate uses combined. It not only clogs the Internet, but also our Inboxes, our precious time, and worse. PCs that have been compromised with viruses (often unknown to the owner), are being used remotely to separately send out thousands of spam and/or virus emails.

Spam filtering of email is done as an added service for only our customers requesting it. We use multiple techniques for filtering out the junk email and are detailed on our Email Policy page. Our clients choose which options they wish utilized. The separate charge for filtering is the same for any combinations of filtering techniques, so our customers can pick the options they prefer.

Most spam contains a web address (URL) that the spammer hopes for you to visit. Incoming emails are automatically scanned by our mail server(s) using MIMEDefang and if any of the known spam URLs are contained therein, the email is rejected. The keyword/phrase filtering option also automatically searches the incoming email for specific text that is nearly always unique to spam messages. These words and/or phrases are usually not used in normal communication, but are often used by spammers to try to circumvent popular filtering tools. (e.g. misspelled words often using numbers and/or symbols in place of letters such as in "vi@grÓ".) Another tactic used by spammers is to include dozens, or even hundreds of random groups of letters to look like words to fool filter technologies that simply use weighted averages to guess at what is spam or not. Being in the Internet business and using email since 1991, our ability to discern spam from legitimate email may be far greater than most in the industry, and we are not easily fooled by the latest tricks used by spammers to shove their trash into our faces.

In the very rare instance of blocking a legitimate email, the sender is invited to submit some details from the reject message via our web form at so that we can remove the block as soon as possible. Our intent is to NEVER block legitimate email.

In fact, we have gained many new business email customers in recent years because their ISP has been far too aggressive in blocking spam, and much business email had been blocked as a result. Business customers are our main focus, so we strive to allow all legitimate business email, while blocking the inappropriate.

Details regarding the filtering policy is available on the Email Policy page.

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